Frazer East, Resolution Property Group director, says all homes built at Harli, Cranbourne West in Melbourne will be at 7-star efficiency and zero net carbon.

To achieve its sustainability goals, energy efficiency is considered and embedded in key elements of the design

Harli’s builder partners will offer environmentally sensitive home designs, including solar power, additional insulation and extra glazing.

“The vast majority of homes will include a northern orientation to make the best use of direct light, as well as natural heating and cooling opportunities,” Mr East shares.

“Double glazed windows and improved insulation in our Harli homes will make them warmer in winter and cooler in summer, not to mention greatly improved acoustic qualities.”

With higher efficiency ratings, Harli buyers will have peace of mind that their investment is future ready, Mr East says.

Artist’s impression

The best developments are planned holistically to respond to the growing threat of climate change, Mr East explains.

Mr East says the majority of plantings at Harli are native. This conserves water use and reduces the need for environmentally hazardous fertilisers, while also ensuring the streetscape remains lush all year round.

The final touch at Harli is the community wetlands circumnavigated with a network of interconnecting pathways. Not only does this bring residents into nature, but the design increases the neighbourhood’s walkability. Families can walk or ride bikes to school or the shops, reducing their reliance on a car.

Mr East says buyers are already responding with high levels of enquiry ahead of the “ground-breaking” project’s launch in mid-October.

“From our conversations with buyers, sustainability is something which is really front of mind for them,” he says.

“It’s a great project and we’re really excited about working with our partners to bring it to the market.

“We’re really proud to deliver a new community that will not only be a beautiful place to live, but also reduces our impact on the environment.”