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Project Partners

We have a passion for property and for creating great places to live. We collaborate with landowners, capital partners and our project team – with whom we have a shared vision, values and purpose–to envision, design and develop communities that exceed expectations.

We value great design and the future benefits our residents will enjoy whilst living in one of our communities. We are committed to a sustainable future for tomorrow in the delivery of our projects today.

Monark creates innovative, individualised funding solutions for property development projects. In partnership with one of the largest private balance sheets in Australia, Monark can act with speed and certainty. Monark works collaboratively with our partners to develop projects that are well located, thoughtfully designed and professionally built.

Project Team

We’re Core – a land advisory, project development and marketing specialist with a proud history and a clear vision. From selling properties to creating communities, we offer a wide range of services, and all with our signature creativity, commitment and care. What we do is complex but why we do it is simple; we want to make a positive difference.

That’s what we do. How do we do it? With creativity, commitment and care. From the beginning, we’ve been a culture-driven, people-driven organisation. Today we’re also proud to be a certified B-Corp, which means we use our business as a force for good. As our team continues to grow along with the scale of our projects, we remain true to our values. We care about our clients. We care about our people. We care about the communities we’re helping to create, and the families who will call those places home.

ngdDesign is a boutique design firm that works primarily in the land development industry. For over 10 years we have been managing the entire Design Approval process, from Design Guidelines inception to post construction audits, on behalf of Land Developers across more than 80 different estates and communities all around Victoria.

Our team consists of Design professionals with a history of work for both Land Developers and Builders, and our purpose is to assist stakeholders (owners, builders, and designers) to attain a Design Approval as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As an independent agency with a 20-year history, Cassette is proud to be a rare triple threat. We don’t specialise in one discipline, because we believe success isn’t one dimensional. It requires strong content, defining creative, and effective communications.

We jump out of bed each day for one reason: to create meaningful impact and enduring connections through remarkable creativity. That’s our purpose.

Since 2001, Cassette has grown proudly alongside its clients, fuelling their success with our own expertise. From humble beginnings serving a precious few, our agency has grown to become a company of more than 50 experts that now serves a client base of over 200, from niche enterprises through to large corporations. We have been a carbon neutral agency since 2008 and take great pride in partnering with like-minded clients, who are creating positive change and sustainable legacies.

Balancing the brightest ideas with the most pragmatic ones, our charter is to positively impact all environments and the communities they support.

As planners and designers, we collaborate to creatively shape places for civic interaction, conduits for movement, places to live, work and visit, and habitats to grow.

We deliver sustainable and memorable solutions that leave a lasting legacy, from hospital gardens that promote healing and wellbeing to play spaces that spark joy, and urban centres that forge connection.

We create breathtaking spaces, but there’s a deeper meaning and motive behind everything we do. This ethos extends beyond our work and into our culture of collaboration and inclusion, and our Reconciliation Action Plan.

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